The Beauty of Africa]

Rhino Africa have produced this stunning drone footage of Africa

Worth watching

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What a load of crocs!

BBC News provided this interesting video in June 2018.

Wade Kelly’s drone captured dozens of the reptiles on camera that week, sunbathing by the Daly River in Australia’s Northern Territory.

Such a large number is thought to signal the river is healthy.

Some of this footage has been sped up.

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Another Hunting Accident About To Happen


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Breakfast in Africa

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River Rebirth

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Made to suffer by a bunch of blinkered judges

The ECJ’s ruling will impact our crops

If you want an example of how damaging EU regulatory alignment can be to British interests look no further than last week’s decision by the European Court of Justice. In a “scientifically absurd ruling”, it declared that crops developed using gene-editing technology should be regulated under the same rules as traditional GM foods, even though the process of gene editing is quite different: it involves tweaking or removing a plant’s genes, not introducing foreign DNA. And this can be used to confer the huge environmental benefit of reducing the amount of pesticide a given crop requires. One gene-edited potato variety, for example, needs “80% less spray” than other types. Yet against all scientific evidence, a “handful of misguided extremists” continues to insist that gene editing is unsafe, a view the ECJ has just endorsed. As a result, British farmers won’t gain access to crops that provide higher yields with less pesticide, and our “world-class” gene-editing scientists will move to the US, where they won’t have to spend many years and vast sums seeking regulatory approval for the crop varieties they develop. “Thanks a bunch, your honours.”

Discuss …


From The Week

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This Little Piggy Went To …

Once more unto the breach…

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