Abu Dhabi Fishing & Birding Trip

Early morning on our last weekend in UAE saw us heading out by boat on a fishing trip into the mangroves and inshore waters north of Abu Dhabi. We used seafood and fish bait to entice small feeders and trawled to and from our fishing spots. As a result we caught several smallish fish of several species and this magnificent Hamour which we enjoyed for lunch.

Fishing Near Abu Dhabi

Hamour for Lunch

Of course, while fishing my bins were not far away.  Highlights were my first Socotra Cormorants, an Osprey’s nest and a Western Reef Heron fishing in shallows close enough to the boat for good shots.

While we were parked alongside the mangroves another boat with 3 locals came by from further out and seeing us fishing swung along for a chat. We compared notes which wasn’t difficult as we had only just parked and had caught nothing. They showed us their impressive catch and, without a second’s thought, they tipped several fish into our still empty bucket. With a wave and lots of smiles, they headed back towards the shore. I was impressed with such friendliness and generosity.

Lots of shallow water where we were fishing as it was low tide and so this was good for waders. Birding that day was good and personally, as usual, I enjoyed the birding and photography more than the fishing, although I did my share so I wouldn’t feel guilty as I enjoyed the fruits of our catch over the next couple of days.

Birds of the day:

Socotra Cormorant

Socotra Cormorant

Socotra Cormorant low over water near Abu Dhabi Nov 2014

Great Cormorant

Grey Heron

Little Egret

Western Reef Heron

Abu Dhabi Nov 2014

Western Reef Heron Waiting

Abu Dhabi Nov 2014

Western Reef Heron Chasing Lunch

Abu Dhabi Nov 2014

Western Reef Heron Fishing

Abu Dhabi Nov 2014

Western Reef Heron Searching for lunch

Abu Dhabi Nov 2014

Western Reef Heron Watching

Osprey – on nest

Nesting Osprey

Osprey on nest near Abu Dhabi

Marsh Harrier




Terek Sandpiper

Ruddy Turnstone

Steppe Gull

Heuglin’s Gull

Heuglin's Gull

Heuglin’s Gull at Abu Dhabi

Caspian Tern

Pair of Caspian Terns

Caspian Terns at Abu Dhabi Mangroves Nov 2014

Saunder’s Tern

White-eared Bulbul

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I'm a birder in Western Europe (UK, France & Spain) and Central Asia, with occasional visits elsewhere. Birding is my principal hobby and I dedicate as much time around work and other commitments.
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