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So its not just Rhino Horn & Elephant Tusks

It seems that Madagascan Ploughshare Tortoises are also at dire risk. It’s good that they catch some poachers, but what can be done? Educate the buyers/users?  Hard but worth attempting. Protect the species?  Of course, but hard too and very … Continue reading

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This says it all about Russian driving

Not just Russia either…the whole of FSU (Former Soviet Union) seems to be afflicted with the same practices, engendered in the ‘couldn’t happen to me’, ‘I can beat those lights / get through that gap’ and ‘just time to overtake … Continue reading

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Close Encounters of a Jumbo Kind

Not sure I could have sat so calmly in that front seat. Close Encounter with Elephant

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Kazakhstan – BBC Youtube Clip

BBC show YouTube clip about Kazakhstan Sweet! Factual-ish! Incomplete? Definitely.

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Cleaning up the World’s Oceans – Hope this works economically and effectively

Ocean Clean Up Project

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Elephant’s Graveyard

It has to be good news that poaching hotspots have been identified to 2 main areas in Africa. Now, what can be done with this information?  

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An Unexpected Owl Event

A remarkable experience for me yesterday evening.  Our 4th storey apartment in the city centre of Almaty Kazakhstan faces a quiet street to the North, populated on our side of the street by tall Wych Elms at least as high … Continue reading

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