This says it all about Russian driving

Not just Russia either…the whole of FSU (Former Soviet Union) seems to be afflicted with the same practices, engendered in the ‘couldn’t happen to me’, ‘I can beat those lights / get through that gap’ and ‘just time to overtake (especially if I tailgate this overtaking truck in front of me)’.  Such practices are so engrained in the driving culture of the region that there is virtually NO road rage!  What goes without even a horn beep would cause violent anti-social reaction in other countries.

So, when minibus drivers threaten to follow the rules of the road in protest at lower fares, it really is going to cause disruption.  Russian driving is different!  (Check out the link).  minibus drivers in Omsk are only going to stop at bustops!  Shock, horror!  No longer will they suddenly brake hard and swerve to the roadside to pick up arm-waving potential customers (actually, many cars do this too!) without indicating.  Indicators and rear view mirrors are optional extras, after all.

They will probably stop at traffic lights, stay in lane (oh wait, there are no lanes on Russian city roads), obey road signs, no longer queue jump (up the inside on the hard shoulder usually) or be courteous to other road users (OK, that’s going a bit too far perhaps!)

It will be total chaos!


In an unrelated incident in the same region, Omsk, yesterday morning, a workers’ bus taking factory employees to a chicken processing plant inexplicably wandered into the lane of oncoming traffic, colliding with a truck loaded with bricks.  Two other cars were involved and 24 lost their lives.  Tragic.  Mirth can so quickly be overtaken by tragedy.

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