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This week, I visited a favourite birding spot near to Almaty and what I discovered blew my mind.  Hundreds of eagles, lots of Steppe Eagles but mostly White-tailed Eagles – the most I have ever seen in one place.  Most … Continue reading

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Media Hyperbole

How to sell newspapers: If the press, in this case UK’s Dailies: Express, Mail and Telegraph, contrive to twist the facts to sell newspapers, what do they do with the serious stuff?  That’s a rhetorical question; we all know … Continue reading

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Yellow Wagtail

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Successful Rhino Poaching Prevention

This“>YouTube video may be ‘staged’ but the point is valid – to say nothing about the excellent dog action and bird calls at the beginning of the film. If expanded, this solution could go a long way to reducing … Continue reading

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Dalmatian Pelican

Sorbulak Lake, Almaty Kazakhstan, April 2015

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