Migration Season Has Started in SE Kazakhstan!

My planned circuit of my favourite places – a round trip of 150km (it’s big country) – seemed to be off as it rained all night and the forecast was for more rain. But by 10.30 the clouds were thinning and the sun was peeping out, so I decided on a late trip after all. Glad I did too as the weather remained dry, occasionally sunny. I don’t mind cloudy days as they are often better for birding than blazing sun, which means that better viewing and photography needs the sun behind me. Clouds allow 360 degree pleasure.

It was a great day even though I started halfway around the circuit, ensuring I visited the Sorbulak series of lakes.

Star bird was a lonely single Bean Goose. He/she was skittish (unsurprisingly in this hunters’ paradise) and only long distance sightings as the bird flew around in circles a few times before heading off over the lake. The amount of orange on the bill (quite a lot) suggests it was a Tundra – correct me Machiel! – although The Birds Of Kazakhstan by Arend Wassink & Gerald J Oreel shows that Taigas are more likely in spring and Tundras are seen in autumn. Advice please.

45 Sightings:

1 Bean Goose (see above)

10+ Ruddy Shelduck

2 Common Shelduck

8 Pintail

10+ Shoveller

50+ Mallard

50+ Teal

10 Gadwall

35 Wigeon

10 Goldeneye

50+ Goosander

  • last 2 show that this is migration crossover time when summer birds are arriving passing through and wintering ducks are yet to head north

3 Great-crested Grebe

1 Grey Heron

1 Great Egret

30 Dalmatian Pelicans

1 Cormorant

4 Common Kestrel

30+ White-tailed Eagle – mostly juveniles as usual

1 Long-legged Buzzard

20 Coot

20 Lapwing

1 Redshank

Lots and lots of Black-headed Gulls (all in breeding plumage)

Up to a hundred Caspian Gulls

Ferals/Rock Doves everywhere

Lots of Magpies

Even more Rooks

6 Carrion Crow

Several Hooded Crows

Lots of Jackdaws

Several Great Tits

1 Azure tit

About 10 Calandra Larks

A few Mynas

Blackbirds singing in the city

Up to 10 Black-throated Thrushes heard and seen

At least 2 Evermann’s Redstarts (m&f)

House Sparrows in towns

Lots of Masked Wagtails

Even more Citrine Wagtails

Several flocks of Chaffinches

Chaffinch flocks included a few Bramblings

Flock of Greenfinches

A few Linnets

1 lonely male Pine Bunting (in breeding plumage)

About starrywazzoh

I'm a birder in Western Europe (UK, France & Spain) and Central Asia, with occasional visits elsewhere. Birding is my principal hobby and I dedicate as much time around work and other commitments.
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7 Responses to Migration Season Has Started in SE Kazakhstan!

  1. Rantasalot says:

    What a great list! You are very lucky.


  2. A birding and photography paradise. Nice shots!


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