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The Best Consulate In The World?

In June, I’m off on a birding trip with Rubythroat Birding to Russia and Mongolia so, naturally, I need visas. Russia demands completion of a 7 page application and enough supportive paperwork to decorate a living room. Mongolia is the … Continue reading

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The case for being nicer to rattlesnakes

They’re scaly, venomous and make a truly blood-curdling sound, says Steve Chapman in the Chicago Tribune, but rattlesnakes are no longer public enemy No. 1. Indeed, some people are increasingly “striving to protect them”. This is bad news for the … Continue reading

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Unbelievable Sparrowhawks!

How do Sparrowhawks fly and hunt like this? And how do humans capture it on video like this? Two more of nature’s mysteries…

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Natural v. Artificial Flight

I’m not a great fan of wild animals in captivity, dependent on us humans to survive, unless to protect a dying species. However, this video is rather entertaining, if only for the flight close-ups of this wonderful creature. ID please!

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Mother Nature’s Delicate Balance

This BBC article says: Conservationists believe they have identified the cause of a decline in numbers of a rare duck. In the UK, common scoters breed at only a few locations in the Flow Country of Caithness and Sutherland and … Continue reading

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Snake Surprise

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