Dubai World Record Eagle Flight

Still on the subject of bird senses in my recent blog Homing Instinct in Birds – How do they do it? this follows a White-tailed Eagle’s spotting success as it is launched from the top of the Burj Khalifa, at 830m (2,722ft) the world’s tallest man-made construction. The bird astonishingly sees her/his handler and makes straight for him. We see this from a camera mounted on the birds back. The last part as the bird dives the last few hundred metres is wonderful.

I found this, courtesy of a friend in British Columbia, at at

The caption reads:

An imperial eagle named Darshan captured phenomenal views of the capital of the United Arab Emirates while taking cues from his trainer on the ground.  The eagle flight was arranged by the nature conservation group Freedom Conservation with the purpose of drawing attention to eagle conservation.  This white-tailed eagle has been critically endangered for the last 50 years.   With a height of 2,722 feet (830 m), the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is currently the world’s tallest building.   A bird’s eye view is the view of one who is so high up as to not focus on the petty or ugly details of the world.  This eagle sees all the way that it should be seen, as perfectly beautiful.   Camera: Sony ActionCam Mini  

The last two sentences could be re-drafted, but the message is clear. Interested though that the caption claims that the White-tailed Eagle (the video doesn’t show it clearly but it certainly looks like a White-tailed Eagle) is critically endangered. According to Wikipedia, always a good conservation status source, the White-tailed Eagle is ‘Least Concern’. Maybe in some parts of the world it is critically endangered but certainly not in my patch in winter, see pix below taken in November 2015 near Almaty in Kazakhstan. Over two hundred birds in the area that day. OK, I know, I’m just lucky!

That’s not to say that these exceptional raptors, and all others, shouldn’t be protected. They most definitely should be protected and cherished. Always a thrill to watch these huge raptors.

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I'm a birder in Western Europe (UK, France & Spain) and Central Asia, with occasional visits elsewhere. Birding is my principal hobby and I dedicate as much time around work and other commitments.
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  1. leggypeggy says:

    Remarkable video. Thanks.

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