Should Cats Be Culled?

The Week has summarised this subject in an interesting article from various sources on both sides of the pond, giving both sides of the argument.


Different countries have different viewpoints about cats. The ferals of Australia are a serious environmental concern, which must be addressed sooner rather than later. In Kotor, Montenegro, town ferals/pets are a tourist draw.

Pet lovers will of course be protective of their “innocent” moggies. Bird lovers will have a different viewpoint – especially those without a feline pet.

I’m on the fence on this one. Yes, where ferals are out of control, they must be controlled. Where pets are cared for by their loving owners, who then is to say that they should restricted, especially when there are other more sinister reasons for declines in avian populations?

My daughter keeps her cats totally under control. They were bred as house cats and never leave the protection of her home. Good girl!

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I'm a birder in Western Europe (UK, France & Spain) and Central Asia, with occasional visits elsewhere. Birding is my principal hobby and I dedicate as much time around work and other commitments.
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6 Responses to Should Cats Be Culled?

  1. leggypeggy says:

    A friend has two cats and has installed an outdoor cat-run leading to a large enclosure. They still manage ti kill the unwitting bird that flies in. Most of the newer suburbs in Canberra (Australia’s national capital) have a no-cats or controlled-cats policy.


    • starrywazzoh says:

      And that, hopefully, is the future. It will be left to responsible cat owners, though, outside of controlled/restricted areas, so hopefully all cat owners are responsible. I fear not! Thanks for commenting, leggypeggy. I enjoy your travel blogs. Not so much into cooking as I’m banned from our kitchen – but that’s another story…


  2. As people are becoming more aware of this issue, responsible cat owners are keeping their pets indoors – which clearly is the right thing to do. Thanks for helping to spread the word.

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  3. The guilty is not a cat, it is a human. I understand the problem. In warm countries the situation of feral cats is difficult. But I don´t know what to do. A pet is a pet and should be under control all the time. Here in cold countries the winter is killing almost every homeless cat, and they suffer, because they are abandoned. To your question is very difficult to answer, to find the golden midway:

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    • starrywazzoh says:

      I like your expression “the golden midway”. Anything that can be done to improve the situation to protect birds and the environment, the rights of responsible cat owners and of course our feline friends too, should be encouraged. You are right, it isn’t the cats fault; it is their natural instinct even if they are doing it for pleasure rather than necessity. Cat owners are key to helping this situation. Thanks for your comment.

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