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RSPB Video – You Have To Hand It To Them!


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Made to suffer by a bunch of blinkered judges

The ECJ’s ruling will impact our crops Matt Ridley in The Times times recently said: If you want an example of how damaging EU regulatory alignment can be to British interests look no further than last week’s decision by the … Continue reading

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A Sussex farm where nature runs wild

I saw this excerpt in The Week recently. It is a great illustration of what can be done with forethought and careful management. I would love and plan to visit when the opportunity arises. Buy the book – I have: … Continue reading

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Trying To Show Sympathy

This poor hunter is being victimised… Apparently, according to this article in The Press & Journal (Aberdeen), this poor chap has been prevented from enjoying his lifelong bird-slaughtering-for-fun relaxation by saboteurs in the form of birdwatchers at a Moray Scotland … Continue reading

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The debt we all owe to the humble wasp

What is the point of wasps? Is their sole purpose to harass human beings trying to enjoy a nice summer? Good question, says Simon Barnes, and the answer is a resounding “no”. If you’re a gardener, the wasp is your … Continue reading

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Coquet Island Live Video

I saw this report of Coquet Island’s Roseate Terns Live Feed at BirdGuides website It shows a preview of a live feed under the title Coquet Island goes LIVE 21/05/2016 ! – A sneaky peak  

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Martens to curb grey squirrels in UK?

I saw this interesting article in The Week recently “Britain’s red squirrels have been in decline ever since grey squirrels was introduced from North America in the 1870s – but now research suggests they could be saved by another threatened … Continue reading

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