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Springtime in Kazakhstan

The deluge of rain has made a huge difference this year in our SE corner of Kazakhstan. The land explodes with life in a myriad of colours, particularly lush green and gorgeous red hues of poppy. The rains will peter … Continue reading

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The case for being nicer to rattlesnakes

They’re scaly, venomous and make a truly blood-curdling sound, says Steve Chapman in the Chicago Tribune, but rattlesnakes are no longer public enemy No. 1. Indeed, some people are increasingly “striving to protect them”. This is bad news for the … Continue reading

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Heading for the Steppes Tomorrow (Thurs 16 Oct)

The weather is sunny and warm – around 20degC at midday – and its time to take off on my next trip into the steppes and semi-desert north of Almaty to check out migrating birds.  Expecting a lot more wildfowl … Continue reading

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Kazakhstan Steppes in October

Yesterday (Friday) I took off for the day to the wilderness with a pal to check out the bird migration scene and to try to locate a dump way out of the city which I was told is an eagle … Continue reading

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A Dated but Relevant Video on the Aral Sea Disaster

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Desertification in Central Asia – natural or man-made?


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Heading for Sorbulak Lake tomorrow (Wednesday 1 Oct)

Migration continues in SE Kazakhstan.  Many summer visitors have already left and many visitors to more northerly breeding grounds have passed through too.  Others species will still be passing through, culminating late in the year with Northern species that only … Continue reading

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