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Saiga – A Central Asian Environmental Initiative

From Wikipedia:The saiga antelope is a critically endangered antelope that originally inhabited a vast area of the Eurasian steppe zone from the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains and Caucasus into Dzungaria and Mongolia. This strange-looking fellow tenuously inhabits the Central … Continue reading

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Should Cats Be Culled?

The Week has summarised this subject in an interesting article from various sources on both sides of the pond, giving both sides of the argument. http://api.app.theweek.co.uk/editions/uk.co.dennis.theweek.single.issue1093/data/64410_9eb86a38446fe2346dacac3875632851/web.html Different countries have different viewpoints about cats. The ferals of Australia are a serious … Continue reading

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Western Tienshan Declared UNESCO World Heritage Site

As reported by BirdLife International, Europe and Central Asia, the Western Tienshan region of Kazakhstan has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Not surprising as it is not only very beautiful, it also abounds with wonderful flora and fauna … Continue reading

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Red Knots – The Dilemma

I received this request from Audubon begging for money to help the Red Knot. A worthy cause, but it’s equally as important to make the situation more widely known too. “The 20,000-mile migration of the Red Knot — a sandpiper … Continue reading

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Martens to curb grey squirrels in UK?

I saw this interesting article in The Week recently “Britain’s red squirrels have been in decline ever since grey squirrels was introduced from North America in the 1870s – but now research suggests they could be saved by another threatened … Continue reading

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The Mining Environmental Issue

Colombia bans mining in country’s vast moorlands This report from Mining.com highlights a great decision by Columbia. As of December 2015, there were at least 340 mining concessions in Colombia’s paramo, also known as alpine tundra. (Image via Wikimedia Commons) … Continue reading

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European Parliament Continues Support For Nature Laws

Boring but important! As it should be!  This report by Birdwatch confirms that, as the article says: “In an overwhelming vote at the European Parliament, MEPs have stood up to defend key EU nature laws which were under threat.” http://www.birdwatch.co.uk/channel/newsitem.asp?c=11&cate=__16213Continue reading

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