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Long Distance Travellers

Do they get jet lag, I wonder? This BBC article is short but informative, explaining about long distance birds (Sooty Shearwaters and the champions – Arctic Terns), Elephant Seals, butterflies (Monarchs of course) and salmon. The fascinating aspect for me … Continue reading

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Red Knots – The Dilemma

I received this request from Audubon begging for money to help the Red Knot. A worthy cause, but it’s equally as important to make the situation more widely known too. “The 20,000-mile migration of the Red Knot — a sandpiper … Continue reading

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Homing Instinct in Birds – How do they do it?

National Geographic looks at the strange case of the homing pigeon that went missing for 5 years! It was released in Nantes and along with a large number of other homers it simply disappeared. This interesting article gives a probable … Continue reading

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Migration Season Has Started in SE Kazakhstan!

My planned circuit of my favourite places – a round trip of 150km (it’s big country) – seemed to be off as it rained all night and the forecast was for more rain. But by 10.30 the clouds were thinning … Continue reading

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Great Birding This Week – Again

Another winter day out north of Almaty Kazakhstan. Beautiful sunny weather rising to +4C (It’s unseasonably +16C today in Almaty). Spring is arriving early this year here in Central Asia as elsewhere in the Northern Hemisphere. 41 Sightings with an … Continue reading

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Pit Stop for Pied Avocets

https://videos.files.wordpress.com/yp5GVOC5/000861_fmt1.ogv A flock of 8 Pied Avocets refuel during their long southerly migration at a remote lake in SE Kazakhstan Technical comment: this video derives from an .mts file from AVSHD Sony camcorder converted on a free converter to .mp4.  … Continue reading

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Swans, Ducks and Eagles

Its hard to beat autumn in Almaty Kazakhstan.  From mid-September until mid-November, sometimes later, apart from the odd wet snowy squall, the weather is fine, mild and usually sunny.  And this was exactly what we enjoyed at Sorbulak on Monday: … Continue reading

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