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Tough Bird, Tough Luck

This young Golden Eagle takes on more than it can manage this time. Amazing that no damage was done to the bird other than an empty belly – and maybe damaged pride!

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Western Tienshan Declared UNESCO World Heritage Site

As reported by BirdLife International, Europe and Central Asia, the Western Tienshan region of Kazakhstan has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Not surprising as it is not only very beautiful, it also abounds with wonderful flora and fauna … Continue reading

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White-capped Bunting – rarity in Kazakhstan

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Springtime in Kazakhstan

The deluge of rain has made a huge difference this year in our SE corner of Kazakhstan. The land explodes with life in a myriad of colours, particularly lush green and gorgeous red hues of poppy. The rains will peter … Continue reading

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Winter Wonderland in the Steppes of Central Asia

Winter Steppe Wonderland After the warmth of United Arab Emirates, back to the winter cold of Kazakhstan. Since arriving in Almaty, the weather has been dreary, with regular snowfalls. The Tien Shan Mountains rise to 5,000 metres (16,404ft) within sight … Continue reading

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Autumn in the Tienshan Mountains

On the spur of the moment, decided to head into the mountains as the weather was perfect: sunny warm at +15degC and only a light breeze in exposed places.  Didn’t need coats, gloves and hats even at 2,500m a.s.l.  We … Continue reading

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Disappointing Day

So our planned day out yesterday in the Kazakhstan Steppes failed to materialise because of unexpected and unavoidable commitments.  That’s twice now that I have published my intentions and they have failed – maybe I should keep my keyboard finger … Continue reading

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