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Tough Bird, Tough Luck

This young Golden Eagle takes on more than it can manage this time. Amazing that no damage was done to the bird other than an empty belly – and maybe damaged pride!

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Dubai World Record Eagle Flight

Still on the subject of bird senses in my recent blog Homing Instinct in Birds – How do they do it? this follows a White-tailed Eagle’s spotting success as it is launched from the top of the Burj Khalifa, at … Continue reading

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Unbelievable Sparrowhawks!

How do Sparrowhawks fly and hunt like this? And how do humans capture it on video like this? Two more of nature’s mysteries…

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Natural v. Artificial Flight

I’m not a great fan of wild animals in captivity, dependent on us humans to survive, unless to protect a dying species. However, this video is rather entertaining, if only for the flight close-ups of this wonderful creature. ID please!

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Great Birding This Week – Again

Another winter day out north of Almaty Kazakhstan. Beautiful sunny weather rising to +4C (It’s unseasonably +16C today in Almaty). Spring is arriving early this year here in Central Asia as elsewhere in the Northern Hemisphere. 41 Sightings with an … Continue reading

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Winter Wonderland

Headed out this week (1st week of Feb 2016) into the wonderful winter landscape N of Almaty Kazakhstan.  Great birding – 32 species including eagles, winter ducks and a few LBJs Full list: 80 Whooper Swan 2 Ruddy Shelduck 100s … Continue reading

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This week, I visited a favourite birding spot near to Almaty and what I discovered blew my mind.  Hundreds of eagles, lots of Steppe Eagles but mostly White-tailed Eagles – the most I have ever seen in one place.  Most … Continue reading

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