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Trying To Show Sympathy

This poor hunter is being victimised… Apparently, according to this article in The Press & Journal (Aberdeen), this poor chap has been prevented from enjoying his lifelong bird-slaughtering-for-fun relaxation by saboteurs in the form of birdwatchers at a Moray Scotland … Continue reading

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Mother Nature’s Delicate Balance

This BBC article says: Conservationists believe they have identified the cause of a decline in numbers of a rare duck. In the UK, common scoters breed at only a few locations in the Flow Country of Caithness and Sutherland and … Continue reading

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Migration Season Has Started in SE Kazakhstan!

My planned circuit of my favourite places – a round trip of 150km (it’s big country) – seemed to be off as it rained all night and the forecast was for more rain. But by 10.30 the clouds were thinning … Continue reading

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Great Birding This Week – Again

Another winter day out north of Almaty Kazakhstan. Beautiful sunny weather rising to +4C (It’s unseasonably +16C today in Almaty). Spring is arriving early this year here in Central Asia as elsewhere in the Northern Hemisphere. 41 Sightings with an … Continue reading

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White-headed Ducks in Kazakhstan supported by OSME

http://www.osme.org/content/osme-and-obc-jointly-fund-white-headed-duck-surveys-kazakhstan OSME contributes to survey in Kazakhstan. A pair of these iconic wildfowl are nesting at Sorbulak Lake near Almaty

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Soaring high

Where the air is sweet! Bar-headed geese: Highest bird migration tracked http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-30799436

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Winter Wonderland in the Steppes of Central Asia

Winter Steppe Wonderland After the warmth of United Arab Emirates, back to the winter cold of Kazakhstan. Since arriving in Almaty, the weather has been dreary, with regular snowfalls. The Tien Shan Mountains rise to 5,000 metres (16,404ft) within sight … Continue reading

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